Bulletin Boards
Curated by White Columns

July 20–August 24, 2012

VENUS OVER MANHATTAN is pleased to present its second exhibition, “BULLETIN BOARDS,” which has been guest curated by White Columns, New York’s oldest alternative art space. In writing about the project, White Columns’ Director, Matthew Higgs has said:

“Ten years ago, when I was living in the Bay Area I started a project space on the San Francisco campus of the California College of the Arts – where I was working at the time as a curator at the school’s Wattis Institute gallery. The project space – called “The Bulletin Board” – consisted of a glazed, 6’ x 4’ aluminum bulletin board that was purchased from an office supply store. Artists including Trisha Donnelly, Monte Cazazza, Carter, and Jim Jocoy created new projects/displays for the SF ‘Bulletin Board.’ The project sought to gently subvert the typical function of a bulletin board, replacing the anticipated pertinent or useful information typically found in such places with something that approximated ‘art.’ When I became the Director of White Columns in late 2004 we started a second “Bulletin Board” project space in our lobby (a third satellite “Bulletin Board” was initiated later at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College). To date more than thirty projects have taken place in ‘The Bulletin Board’ at White Columns including those by Simon Evans, Josephine Meckseper, Matt Keegan, Douglas Blau, Malcolm Mooney, Tim Griffin, Cynthia Daignault, and Venus Over Manahattan’s Josh Shaddock, among many others.


Each ‘Bulletin Board’ functions as a discrete, autonomous space, literally ‘framing’ any material it contains, operating much in the way a museum vitrine might. For the exhibition at VENUS OVER MANHATTAN more than twenty artists and practitioners were invited to make new works or projects for individual 4’ x 3’ glazed bulletin boards, and an additional group of four people were invited to ‘curate’ a display in larger 6’ x 4’ boards.The ‘Bulletin Boards’ featured in the exhibition will include collections of photographs (found or otherwise), painted and collage works, sculptural interventions, text pieces, and a working fish tank amongst many other things.”

About White Columns: Founded in 1970 (and known until 1979 as ‘112 Greene Street’) White Columns is the oldest of the first generation of alternative art spaces in New York. Over the past 42 years literally thousands of artists have benefitted from the early support of White Columns. Any proceeds from “Bulletin Boards” will directly help support White Columns’ future programs.

For more information about its history and current activities visit: www.whitecolumns.org

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