Adam Lindemann’s Venus Over Manhattan To Open in Los Angeles

artnet News 

The New York Times reports that Venus Over Manhattan, the popular Upper East Side gallery run by Adam Lindemann, is opening a Los Angeles branch.

The aptly named Venus Over Los Angeles is set to throw open its doors on April 18 with a show of new work by artist-of-the-moment Dan Colen, including a set of sculptures inspired by the open road. Lindemann also has Dan McCarthy and Elaine Cameron-Weir solo shows on the calendar for this year.

In typical L.A. fashion, the space measures 15,000 square feet, which Lindemann says makes it “a great space for huge sculpture [and] huge paintings.”

Despite the city’s reputation as a somewhat unpredictable place to open a gallery, Lindemann believes in the viability of the burgeoning art scene and the hunger for young, exciting artists on the primary market.

“New York needs another gallery like it needs another pizzeria,” he said. “But L.A. is still undergalleried.”