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Quilt by Basil Kincaid titled Melanin Activation: Sun Harvest from 2020-2022

Basil Kincaid, "Melanin Activation: Sun Harvest," 2020-2022. Quilt; 106 x 91 in (269.2 x 231.1 cm). Courtesy the artist and Venus Over Manhattan, New York.

Quilt by Basil Kincaid titled Rejoice in the Wife of your Youth: Picnic on a Quilt Made of Our Memories from 2020-2022

Basil Kincaid, "Rejoice in The Wife of Your Youth: Picnic on a Quilt Made of Our Memories," 2020-2022. Quilt; 106 x 92 in (269.2 x 233.7 cm). Courtesy of the artist and Venus Over Manhattan, New York.

Press Release

Basil Kincaid: River, Frog, and Crescent Moon
September 7 - October 8, 2022
Opening: Wednesday, September 7th, 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Venus Over Manhattan
120 East 65th Street
New York, NY 10065

Celebrating improvisation, freedom of imagination, and a continuous process of self-discovery through making, St. Louis, Missouri, and Accra-based Basil Kincaid is a post-disciplinary artist known for textile compositions that mine what he calls his “spiritual inheritance.” On September 7, 2022, Venus Over Manhattan will present the artist’s first New York solo exhibition, featuring a series of recent quilted, embroidered, and sculptured works. Kincaid’s pieces are often made from “emotionally charged materials”, including the cast-off clothes of loved ones, and involve a time-intensive collage technique that channels the inheritance of his multi-generational familial practice of quilting. The exhibition will be on view through October 8th at the gallery’s Upper East Side location.

For additional information about the exhibition, please contact the gallery at

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