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Fall 2016 stands out for having a plethora of top-notch art exhibits—many of which focus solely on female artists—that is much needed, given the current mood after this election cycle.

As dealers, collectors, and auction houses are gearing up for a jam-packed auction week—sales of Impressionist, modern and contemporary art at the major auction houses have all been compressed into a single week—here are some must-see gallery shows to check out if you have some hours to spare between those inevitable bidding wars at Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and Phillips.

10. Mike Kelley “Kandors” at Venus Over Manhattan
Location: 980 Madison Avenue
The “Kandors” represent yet another vital part of Kelley’s extensive output. The series takes its name from the capital city of the fictional planet Krypton, where Superman was born. According to the superhero’s legend, a villain shrank and bottled the city of Kandor in a bell jar-like container, just before Krypton’s explosive demise. Superman captures the miniature city and stores it safely in his secret hideaway, the Fortress of Solitude. The artist once said the scaled-down city “functions as a constant reminder of Superman’s past,” as well as “a metaphor for his alienated relationship to the planet he now occupies.” The show features four “Kandors” and related light boxes and projections.

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