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Please Enjoy This Trailer For ‘Maurizio Cattelan: The Movie’

By Dan Durray 

Whether you love him or hate him, implies the trailer for a new documentary about Maurizio Cattelan, you’re probably going to want to watch a movie about him. Which is maybe true!

Anyway, please enjoy this trailer, which has a whole lot of Cattelan and a whole lot of collector/dealer/Cattelan booster Adam Lindemann (who just opened a one half of a Cattelan show at Sotheby’s S2 gallery, with the other half opening on Friday at his gallery, Venus over Manhattan).

The New York Times reported earlier that the documentary was directed by Maura Axelrod, who started following the notoriously private Cattelan for footage in 2000, and said the film will be released in 2015. I’m not so sure this isn’t all some kind of Cattelan prank, but have a look.


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