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Frieze Spotlight 2017 at Frieze Masters 2017, London

Frieze Masters 2017 is hosting a special section titled the "Frieze Spotlight" which is on view at London's Regent Park. 

The Spotlight section made its debut in 2015, when anticipated a number of major institutional shows and museum acquisitions dedicated to solo artist presentations of work made in the 20th century. Curated by Clara M Kim, Frieze Spotlight offers the visitors an opportunity to explore a collection of masterpieces and a range of artists presented by some of the most established and renowned galleries from various parts of the world. This special section continues to reveal extraordinary, under-recognized figures and, in the process, to question traditional canons and shed new light on recent art history.

This year's Frieze Spotlight will feature artists such as Bernd Lohaus, John Dogg, Eleanor Antin, Tommy Simoens, Venus Over Manhattan, Laura Grisi, Minoru Onoda, Shusaku Arakawa, Alfredo Jaar, Lee Kun-Yong, and Joan Brown. These artists are being represented by some of the most established galleries such as Gallery Hyundai, Anglim Gilbert Gallery, Massimo Minini, and others. Visitors can explore a range of varied art including works on paper, large-scale figurative paintings, and staged photography.

Frieze Masters features more than 130 leading modern and historical galleries from around the world, showcasing art from the ancient era and Old Masters to the late 20th century. The art fair provides the visitors an opportunity to walk through a collection of the best art from both emerging as well as established galleries and artists.

The fair will be on through October 8, 2017, at Regent's Park, Chester Rd, London NW1 4NR, UK.

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