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VENUS in New York is hosting Bernard Buffet's "Paintings from 1956 to 1999" on view through May 27, 2017. 

The exhibition presents important and historic works by the renowned late figurative painter Bernard Buffet (1928-1999). Known as the most controversial French artist of the 20th century, the next Picasso in France and across the globe, Buffet's work has been subject to both acclaim and rejection. Immensely popular and always commercially successful, the artist has suffered long spells of visious critical backlash throughout his career, for both his work and his lifestyle. 

His works, at times termed as an embodiment of poor taste, while his extravagant lifestyle has been a target of cynicism from the left-leaning literati. But following his death in 1999, his oeuvre has started gaining curatorial attention. The exhibition, comprised of 13 paintings from exceptional moments in Buffet's career 

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