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Michel Houellebecq laconic for his first exhibition in New York

Michel Houellebecq was in New York on Friday, June 2, to inaugurate his first exhibition in the American metropolis, but he was little discerned and even canceled at the last moment an intervention, being a little su ering. The exhibition, titled “French bashing” , is a miniature version of the great Houellebecq exhibition, which was staged at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris last year: two rooms instead of 18, one Obscure, the other enlightened, to present thirty photos or photomontages of this controversial writer, among the most famous French authors abroad. 

Known to also be a good photographer, the author of Elementary Particles or Submission has often used pictures to write: “it helps me to visualize the scenery,” he explained laconically. In the dark room, many images of lifeless French urban landscapes, with dull colors: toll barrier, railway tracks, large ensembles ... 


A shortened presence 

In the room illuminated, more colorful photos but hardly more lively, evoking tourist destinations, especially the Spanish coast, and a tiled oor of large postcards of hundreds of French tourist destinations. Why “French bashing”, whereas since the election of Emmanuel Macron , the Americans-Democrats in any case - gladly sing the praises of the new French president, that everything contrasts with Donald Trump? “Do not worry, no, it’ll come back,” he said in a barely audible voice. What does he think of Trump? “Nothing, I never think of him,” he said again. 

Michel Houellebecq, in an almost neglected out t in a city where many look after their appearance, said via a press attache “do not feel good”. A few hours earlier, he had canceled an intervention at the Albertine Bookshop, where some 200 people had come to hear him. As a result, he was content to dedicate a few of his books and to let himself be photographed. He had to leave New York after spending a week there. The exhibition at the Venus Gallery in Manhattan is scheduled to run until August 4th. 

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