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Ten Exhibitions for 2024 – Seth Becker: A Boy's Head

Painting by Seth Becker titled Batman's Living Room from 2023

Batman’s Living Room, 2023, by Seth Becker.
Courtesy the artist and Venus Over Manhattan, New York.

Ten Exhibitions for 2024 – Seth Becker: A Boy's Head

by Marion Willingham

In his 1963 poem “A Boy’s Head”, Czech poet Miroslav Holub sifts through the imaginary contents of a child’s mind, from spaceships and bumblebees to “a project for doing away with piano lessons”. The work has been endlessly inspiring for New York artist Seth Becker, whose solo exhibition of the same name opens in February in New York. A librarian by day, Becker tries “to preserve boyhood and innocence” in his small oil paintings, which are often collaged with wallpaper. “I grew up in a home covered in wallpaper,” he says, “so it’s comforting.” Venus Over Manhattan, New York, from 1 February to 9 March.


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