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Houellebecq, Photographer, The Writer's Shots in New York

New York - The French writer Michel Houellebecq lands overseas and does so in a visual artist shoes. In New York, the Manhattan gallery Venus is staged for the frst time an exhibition, already presented in Paris a year ago, entitled “French Bashing”, which sounds like “to tear France.” The works on display are mainly photos and montages made by the author of “Submission” depicting French urban landscapes lifeless and dull colors alternated with colorful sights that evoke tourist destinations. 

"Inviting here I had the opportunity to invite an author who is artist photographer to do an art expo. And in a city that knows less than Paris or Berlin. It ‘s interesting because I can help people see things that do not know,“ said the organizer Adam Lindemann. 

The author attended the opening, responding laconically to political questions, saying things like, "What do I think of Trump? No, I never think of him." 

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