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Michel Houellebecq launches a new exhibition in the United States

Michel Houellebecq will invest for the first time the city of New York with an exhibition entitled French Bashing. It will take place from 2 June to 4 August in the Venus Over Manhattan Gallery. As Le Figaro reports, the author of Submission will present photographs, photomontages, and sound landscapes during the exhibition that will relate his vision and his universe in a micture oscillating between literature, cinema and photography. 

As well as during his exhibition Rester Vivant, organized last year at the Palais de Tokyo, Michel Houellebecq's themes will slip back into the walls of New York's space, with the pessimistic and critical aspect of a Europe and a France bleak and on the decline .Michel Houellebecq portrays this "peripheral France" abandoned by life in photographs, such as the one taken in Calais where we can see a simple concrete construction of the word "Europe" under a gray sky and streetlights. A vision that is both sad and revealing of the author's thoughts on a highly fragile European continent. It remains to be seen what opinion it will make its new American public. 

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