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Artwork by Roger Brown titled Painted Desert, from 1971
Sculpture by Alexander Calder titled "White Moon" from 1955
Painting by William N. Copley titled Le Bureau from 1970
Painting by Roy De Forest titled The Rain Forest Painter from 1995
Painting by Maryan titled Personnage from 1974
Artwork by Peter Saul titled Path to Self Knowledge, from 1986

Press Release

Art Basel OVR 20C:
Six Artists


VIP Opening date: Wednesday, October 28th
Public Opening Date: Friday, October 30th
Closing Date: Saturday, October 31st

For the inaugural edition of Art Basel's OVR 20C, Venus Over Manhattan features a presentation of the gallery’s core program, comprising important works by represented artists and estates, including Peter SaulRoger BrownMaryanRoy De Forest, alongside works by Alexander Calder and William N. Copley. Highlighting recent institutional support for these artists, including exhibitions and acquisitions at the New Museum, MoCA North Miami, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Modern Art, and The Menil, the installation features signature work by each of the gallery’s artist. Offering major, rarely exhibited examples, the presentation demonstrates the gallery’s commitment to artists overlooked by traditional art historical canons.

For further information about the presentation and availability, please contact the gallery at

For all press inquiries related to the presentation, please email

Curators Picks: Massimiliano Gioni


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