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Michel Houellebecq First Shows His Art in the USA

June 3, 2017

Michel Houellebecq "Espagne #003," 2016
Michel Houellebecq "Tourisme #001," 2017

Michel Houellebecq First Shows His Art in the USA

Dozens of photos and photomontages have been on display since Friday at Galerie Venus on the Upper East Side in New York. The pictures show mainly scenes and montages recorded in Western Europe, one room is kept very dark, another in contrast very bright. The exhibition titled "French Bashing" is scheduled until 4 August.

For the exhibition opening in New York Houellebecq tacitly autographs. A few hours earlier, during a scheduled panel discussion in a bookstore, he had let more than 100 visitors wait for almost an hour before apologizing for being ill.


Born in 1958 on the French overseas island of Réunion, Houellebecq has gained worldwide fame with novels such as "elementary particles". With controversial statements, including on women, history and Islam, the multi-award-winning writer has repeatedly provoked.

He presented his art last year for the first time on a larger scale at the Manifesta in Zurich and in the Paris Palais de Tokyo. For the Manifesta was examined by a Zurich internist and then presented the findings. Monopol dedicated a cover story to the writer a year ago.

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